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It’s 8:30 p.m. on a Thursday, and I write to the symphony of Netflix playing, babies crying and a million and one accusations in my mind about how I could have done this day better.

It’s been messy, even if I did vacuum the den.

Arguments.  Accidents.  Tantrums.

Some of them from toddlers.

More from me.

I spilled my drink this morning, dropped my rice tonight, and lost my temper all day long.

Because, y’all, sometimes it’s just too much.

When you open your eyes to the little pair that’s peering at you from beside the bed, just waiting for you to wake up….

When you open your email to more questions than answers and you close the computer but carry the burden with you….

When you prepare a meal no one wants to eat….

When you clean one room only to walk into another and realize what the kids were up to in the mean time….

When your husband is working late….

You know the list goes on.  You have one, too, I’m sure.

And, at the end of the day, I don’t remember what he said to me or what she didn’t do when I asked her to….

I remember how I reacted to it all.

And, I know that I’m more of a mess than my dining room, no matter how much stuff is piled on the table right now.  There’s more stuff cluttering up my heart.

But, while my house might not be clean in the morning, the slate will be.  Because his mercies are new, y’all.  Every single morning.

Tomorrow will bring messes.  And, the day after will, too.

But my messes are not too much for his mercy.


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