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Open Doors

I’ve been trying to remember a time that a door opened for me to a world I never thought possible.

I’m not talking “popping in and out of chalk pavement pictures” like Mary Poppins.

I’m talking reality. Opportunity.

Not dreams coming true because the opportunity is more than I could possibly have dreamed of.

I don’t know if I know how that feels, but I know some people who do.

I’ve seen the smiles on their faces.


They’ve gone from sitting at home all day to smiling and laughing and learning with others. Their parents have had the door of opportunity to go to work while their children go to school, not having to worry about their safety, knowing they are loved and cared for.

That’s the door God has opened through Tuleane Afrika to children with cerebral palsy…and their parents. I’d love for you to learn more. You can read about it here. And, if you ever feel like you’d like to help with this project, just let me know! We’d be thrilled for you to be part of what God is doing through Tuleane Afrika!