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Ice cream for breakfast and other news….

I just had a milkshake for breakfast.  Don’t judge.  Strep throat is a beast.  And, we’ve had it this week.  My oldest got a penicillin shot Monday.  One of her younger sisters got one Tuesday.  And, I drove myself to the clinic yesterday while my dad watched the kids.

I will say this:  after receiving P17 shots weekly during one of my pregnancies, I find that a shot of antibiotics isn’t so painful.  If you’re having to do the P17 shots, I feel for you.  Really, I do.

So, I’d rather be in bed.  My house is a wreck.  And, my kids are going stir crazy.

Did I mention we started school Monday?

Yeah, my timing’s always been impeccable.

We have soldiered through it because if you let the first week get disrupted, there’s not much hope for the rest, right?