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FMF: Hold


Join us at Kate’s this week for Five Minute Friday!  This week’s topic is “Hold.”  Here goes:


This week has been crazy hectic.  I mean, with four kids, every week is crazy and most are hectic, but this week?  It’s been a hard one.   in the middle of it, my smallest child came to me, arms up, and said:

“I wanna be hold.”

And, she was not taking no for an answer.

So, we sat in the midst of the mayhem, cuddled up and comfortable, and let the world go right on spinning while she was “hold” to her heart’s content.

And, I had to fight the frenzy.  I had to ignore the inner to-do list that kept calling my name.

Because of all the things that got done that day, the holding was the most precious and the most lasting and probably the most important.

The dishes were dirty again in an hour.

The rug looked as if I’d never vacuumed even before my husband got home.

Dinner was mediocre at best.

But, my baby knows I will hold her.  I will stop for her.  I will cherish my time with her.

And, I find myself going to my Father just like she came to me.

“I wanna be hold.”

And, he does.  He keeps the world spinning, but he still holds me close.  He sees everyone on earth, yet he looks on me with love.

And, in the middle of life’s madness, the holding is important.  It is precious.