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FMF: Glue

5-minute-friday-11So, on Fridays, I like to join with Lisa-Jo and many others and write for five minutes flat, inspired by one word.  Today’s word is “glue.”  Here goes:



The glass orb hit the floor, leaving shattered shards lying around, and she began to pick them up, tiny piece by tiny piece.  The she did the thing that none of us expected.

She got out the glue.

The super glue.

And she set to work, piecing the beauty back together when the rest of us would have tossed it straight into the trash.

The evening wore on with laughter and fellowship, and all the while she worked away, fitting each piece like a puzzle.

Before we left, the ornament was more than half-way resurrected.

But it was not the same.

Beautiful?  Yes.

Scarred?  Definitely.

And, I think of the glue…super though it was, it could only mend, not heal.  And, I think of those who say that God can put the pieces of our hearts, our lives, back together, and I think….

Yes.  He can.  Like no glue ever could, but…

He can do much more than that.

He can make things new.

He can heal them completely, not just paste them together and hope.