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FMF: Break


I’m not sure how Kate does it…but she always chooses a word that “fits.”  This one fit me to a tee today.  Read and write along with us at Five Minute Friday, will you?

Today’s word is : “BREAK”

And, yes, I need one.


Here goes:


So, a website I’ve been working on crashed yesterday.  Seriously.  It’s broken.

And, the only thing I hear more clearly than the broken record of elevator music playing while I’m on hold with the tech people, is the continuous cry of the voice in my head screaming, “Failure!”

The one that reminds me someone else…ANYONE else…could do this better than I can.

The same voice that whispers doubts and condemnation as I parent some very strong-willed children.

The same voice that asks “How could you possibly be part of fixing anything?”

Because I am also broken.

I fail.  ALL THE TIME.

No website could crash more often than I do.

Whether it’s my temper or their tantrums or the urge to give in when I’m ready to give out.

When I’m ready to collapse in a  heap of hot, tired tears and simply be broken….

That’s when I get fixed.

Because Jesus came to “save sinners, of which I am the worst,” right?