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Review: Pinion Pins


This post is WAY past due.  I’ve been meaning to write it for weeks, but I’ve been busy.  And traveling.  And, well, behind.

Which actually works out better because I can tell you that when I first tried Pinion Pins, I liked them, but now that my comforter has been staying in place for more than a month, I can say without question that I LOVE them.

Seriously.  I don’t know why but our comforter had gone from slowly wiggling out of place in our duvet cover to never, ever staying there at all.  And, for whatever reason (my husband would tell you the reason is that I hog all the covers, but that can’t be it), I would wake up every morning nearly being pulled off the bed by the weight of our comforter, which was all on one side (mine) of the duvet cover.

I know that in the grand scheme of things this is a small problem.  Actually, I hesitate to call it a problem at all, but let’s face it, serious or not, it is annoying!

So, when I was asked to try Pinion Pins, I was more than ready to do so.

And this review will be brief because all I can say is this:

After more than a month, my comforter is still in place.


They work perfectly.  Here’s how:


And, I’m sure the uses for them are pretty limitless, too.  Because if you pin it, it will stay put.  The pins use a very strong magnetic cap to stay in place.  The set comes with a magnetic key for removing them.  You’ll need it!  These pins aren’t going anywhere without it.

You can learn more about Pinion Pins (and purchase them!) here.  Try them.  You’ll be glad you did!


Disclosure:  I received the Pinion Pins to try, but the opinions are all mine.